Confessional I: Birthday Sex

Heaux United: The Sexcapades

Dear Heauxdom,

HRH ie this heaux has proclaimed himself to celibate and the truth is he was for months – till he got the offer of a sweet fuck for his birthday from someone with one of the most talented tongues he has ever met. Let me tell you, this man with his tongue and his thick curved-to-hit-those-walls cock does got me can’t walk when he done with me. He could make a woman happy with the way he eats but he aint bout pussy so lucky for me he’s perfected his talents for an ass like mine. I’ve never met anyone else who can make me cum just from being eaten and doubt I ever will. Matter of fact to satisfy me with most people it has to be a give and take but not this boy – he’s strictly top and the only one I’ve ever left it at…

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