From Cold to Hot

Heaux United: The Sexcapades

Dear Heauxary

I am conflicted, well not really as I know what I’m going to end up doing since I’m a heaux.

So when I first met this guy I hated his guts, like literally, so much one day it actually gave me a headache ( well it was actually the beginning stages of the worst tonsillitis case I had) but who cares I blamed him for the head ache. He tried to be friendly but I found him so annoying and self-centered and I didn’t see why he had so much to talk about cause he was sickly looking and weird.

Six years later we are now good friends and I can’t imagine life without his annoying ass, and ass is what he has, God he gained some weight and now I can’t keep my eyes off of it. Slapped it once and the way how it sounded and…

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