Humpty Dumpty Flew

Heaux United: The Sexcapades

Dear Heauxary

Humpty and Dumpty were brothers, both very “Christian” and full of hormones; conflicted by their desire and the religious beliefs. Dumpty had a boyfriend and clearly Humpty was a bit jealous and felt lonely and was notorious around campus for being desperate after every guy taller than him (which was almost everyone ) Despite  being the same height and size  initially, Dumpty lost some weight through self esteem issues to finally achieve his twink size which made him just a percentage more appealing to the average shallow bulla. Humpty obviously ate his feelings and was definitely over weight.

No I was one of the unfortunate to be taller and by that I mean at least 1 foot. After trying to avoid him, which I couldn’t because he was in two of my classes we ended studying together because he was pretty smart and I ( pretty smart myself)…

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