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a team of trees –



canopies –

I hear the


sky high



Denny’s Diner dennys

Ode to Nacho

Oh nacho.
So layered. So complex.
Yet so simple.
Your hotness. Gooey.
Like the blurred lines between love and infatuation.
Your chips. Imperfect, fractured triangles.
When pieced together, complete the puzzle of my soul.
Your cheese.
Once a cold uncaring block, drips golden,
melting the walls around my heart.
And my stomach.
My plate is clean,
but I feel dirty.


Addressed to A Girl, Somewhere

Somewhere, right now
There is a girl
Whose smile will be the death of me
Who laughs in the rain,
Holds her mug of tea
With two hands, just below her mouth
Like she’s whispering secrets
Into the steam.

Somewhere, she sits
Legs curled beneath her
Reading Tolkien in her underwear
Listening to Elvis Costello
On 180 gram vinyl
Because fuck yes it sounds better
Looking simple and plain and perfectly beautiful.

I know she’s out there
And I’m dying to tell her
That I’ve memorized exactly
How she tilts her head in thought
Or how her shoulders shake when she just can’t take any more
Or how she drives me crazy mispronouncing “supposedly”
But I still don’t care because it’s her and she is everything wonderful.

Somewhere, right now
I am loving every small beat
Of her sweet heart
Forever and ever and ever
So every night,
I am sending her goodnight kisses
Addressed to somewhere.